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Chickens and Regenerative Farming

young chicken in grass

Our first batch of chickens are now out in the pasture to graze! Did you know that chickens are SUPER GREAT for our pastures? While grazing, they leave their chicken “litter” – full of nitrogen – to fertilize the grass for our cows to eat. This means that our cows are able to eat the freshest, naturally fertilized grass we can provide for them! Here’s how we use planned rotation with our chickens:

  • After spending their first four weeks with us rotating between an indoor run and an outdoor run, our chickens are moved to our pastures, where they can roam and graze to their hearts’ content!
  • We rotate our chickens between fields every few years to help keep them safe from predators.
  • Chickens are rotated within the same field every few weeks, so they have new forage to eat.

With that in mind, you can thank our chickens the next time you eat some of our 100% grassfed beef!

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