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mama sow and her piglets

A Plethora of Piglets

Three of our expectant sows from last week , Exxon (#74), Kudzu (#44), and Ruth (#45), gave birth to 27 pink piglets. Exxon’s (#74) litter has 11 chonkers, Kudzu’s (#44) litter has 10 little bruisers, and Ruth’s (#45) litter is 6 little sweet-hearts. As of Wednesday, February 14th the 4 male piglets from the group have been castrated. We have more castrations to do this coming week. 

On Thursday the 22nd, #24 was moved into a pen directly across from our Big Barn. She is due to give birth sometime this weekend or early next week. When she does give birth, go see the piglets! They’ll be easily accessible and viewable to the public.

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