Partner Profile: Dalaya Thai Restaurant

Owners of Dalaya Thai Restaurant stand smiling in front of a river

Owned and operated by Dave and Gun, both Chefs from New York, Dalaya Thai opened for business in September 2019. Dave specializes in BBQ, and Gun, originally from Thailand, is a New York Times-reviewed chef who won Brooklyn Woman Chef of the Year a few years ago.

Pictured Above: Panang Nuer Kab Kai Look Keuy – Hickory Nut Gap 100% grassfed skirt steak simmered in a medium spicy panang curry with boiled then fried “son-in-law” eggs in a sweet and sour tamarind sauce. Served with steamed jasmine rice.

Dalaya Thai is a huge supporter of Hickory Nut Gap meat. They stick very closely to their traditional menu from the Northern region of Thailand and use HNG products in over 50% of their menu. They use our pasture raised pork belly, shoulder, skin, loin, ground pork, and 100% grassfed sirloin.

We’re so thankful for our Dalaya’s support over the years, and for bringing incredibly delicious Northern Thai cuisine to WNC! Check out their amazing daily specials on Instagram. And to learn more about them, check out Dalaya’s website. Visit Dalaya Thai at 1084 W Main St., Sylva, NC 28729.


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