Farm Pulse, Calving Season In Full Swing

mama and baby cow with herd in background in pasture

Walker the Midwife Discovers New Calves Daily

Newborn calf seen in Chamomile on Sunday, February 10. Mama 101 gave birth to a healthy and bouncing boy on Sunday the 11th. He has been lovingly tagged #1, the herd’s number one son.

On Monday, February 19th, Herd mamas WD99A & O50 gave birth almost simultaneously. As a result, we have a new boy and girl joining the herd. The little girl has a beaming white face and white high-knee socks. On Thursday, February 22nd, herd mama 5S gave birth to another girl. Walker has been named the midwife since every time he goes to feed the cows, he finds another newborn!

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